Do you know who we are?

The newest member of Kindred Group. Yeah, that’s right

Ten companies, one roof – and Cartel does pictures and sound for all of them. That means we work together, no hiccups. From concept and planning to production and post-production, we control every part of the creative pipeline.

We work with young directors and photographers, editors, FX artists, and sound mixers who’re all hungry and gunning for the big time.

Street fighters coming up through the ranks. Mean young bucks, gunning for the big boys. We find them, build them up, and hone them down.

We hack the fat out of budgets and beat an idea into living, breathing shape ready for the spotlight. “Good, fast, cheap – pick two.” Forget that, we’ll get you all three.

Job done and done well. That’s who we are.

That’s Cartel.

Do you know what we do?

We start with a problem. Your problem. Then we solve it.

How we do that shouldn’t concern you
– we’re the ones getting our hands dirty so you don’t have to.

What you do need to know is that we’ll shoot it, cut it, grade it, and mix it. All of it in-house or working with close partners, low-cost, and seamlessly integrated from start to finish.

Shooting it.

Doesn’t matter if it’s motion or still photography.

Our directors and photographers are the ones with something to prove, with the creative grit and acute vision to turn the craziest paper ideas into wild reality.

Cutting it.

It’s all in the edit, that’s where the story gets made, where the pieces are put together.

A good edit makes a joke funny, makes an action sequence come to heart -pounding life, and makes sentiment real.

Grading it.

Here’s where we give it the mood and visual texture that underlines the story. Light, dangerous, sinister, beautiful – every mood starts with a color and a contrast.

Mixing it.

Next time you’re watching a movie at home, turn the volume to mute and see how much fun it is. Not fun at all.

Sounds breathe life into pictures. They cue your senses and guide your mood. They wrap around you and surround you with the story.

Do you know who works for us?


We are here


Drtinova 557/8
150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

+420 222 710 373


CARTEL Productions s.r.o.
Drtinova 557/10
150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic

IC: 24230251
DIC: CZ24230251

Evropský fond pro regionální rozvoj

Název projektu: Digital Image Integration Lab
Harmonogram realizace: duben 2014 až květen 2015
Poskytnutá podpora: 4.107.410,- Kč

Výstup projektu: inovativní pracoviště Digital Image Integration Lab
(integrovaný systém digitální obrazové laboratoře jako základ pro realizaci komplexních vizuálních efektů a triků), jehož účelem je poskytování specializovaných služeb v oblasti filmové postprodukce.

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